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So I just added a Youtube Gadget, which will keep you updated on all the viral videos on Youtube...
The reason why I added it is, that I'm fascinated by the way many people have gained quite a respectable amount of fame due to Youtube, Myvideo etc. by behaving, stupid, funny, sad, irritated, stressed, idiotic, cool, fashionable or contrivers videos.

So here you can contribute to the internet sensation phenomena.

Urban Mayhem


Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Urban Mayhem was a succes at the interactive video presentation

...it is over, I do say this with a slight feeling of relieve in my stomach, it was a very fun process but not stress-free.
In the end people appreciated the video which can be watched on the Urban Mayhem homepage.
The event was fun too more people came than I had expected to show up so that was always good, Anton Eliens was more than pleased with the overall results of all of us, he said that our video would make 10 points if it was just for visual effects, but we could have had a few more interactions. However I think that if he will watch it again on our website he might find that there are lots of choices you can made, I think we have 11 different choices adding up to a total of 21 independent videos, and about 7 different endings to the videos, more than enough interactiveness for me.
My biggest respect to Sharah for making all the interactive stuff, so glad she was on board for that, also if it got a little stressful in the end.
If you are interested in photos of the interactive video presentation, check out the photo section on the UM webpage, here are a couple of nice ones:

Promoting our interactive video

people standing infront of our big screen witnessing the Mayhem

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