The Youtube Gadget

So I just added a Youtube Gadget, which will keep you updated on all the viral videos on Youtube...
The reason why I added it is, that I'm fascinated by the way many people have gained quite a respectable amount of fame due to Youtube, Myvideo etc. by behaving, stupid, funny, sad, irritated, stressed, idiotic, cool, fashionable or contrivers videos.

So here you can contribute to the internet sensation phenomena.

Urban Mayhem


Dienstag, 28. September 2010

a guide through Enschede

I finally fixed the website and am rather pleased with it's coming along!

Today we decided on when to start filming for the video and are planing to film from wednesday to friday. I hope we get along with the time schedule we set for ourselves.

We also decided on the route we are going to take:

Montag, 27. September 2010

iWeb website on the way

hey everyone,
I just started a new project, we are creating a website for our Urban Mayhem interactive video, we are setting it up on a server we got at the university, with some help from Jan Kolkmeier, so thanks again Jan.

You can find the site HERE

it would be awesome if we could get some feedback or suggestions on how to improving it. I have never made a webpage so I'm totally inexperienced and am completely new to iWeb.
there is a Blog on the Urban Mayhem site as well, so check it out if you stumble upon it.
I'll be working on it some more now since there are still a few bugs I haven't figured out yet, so take care world.

P.S. I guess Anton Eliens liked my site and called it extremely nicely updated...Damn, now I have to live up to something haha, no problemo though. It's fun

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

A rough plan

hello everybody,
yesterday we made great progress on our interactive video called "urban mayhem"

we came up with the entire storyline, and wrote it down, I'm convinced that this is quite a decent starting of point:

the viewer will have to choice to listen to music on his "Ipod" during the whole presentation, every time a song is over, the viewer will be able to choose a new one.
We are planing to have four computers n the smart XP lab, where the video can be played from. If all goes well, we will be able to link the four screens together and display them all on the huge screen. So the idea is that many people will be playing the game at the same time, everybody on an own computer, but the rest of the people can watch on the big "split-screen" on the wall.
I'm really excited to start filming soon.

Dienstag, 14. September 2010

I got soaked again

...yep the rain got me again.

her comes an update on our group work. I'm sitting in the cafeteria with chris and we're waiting for sharah and sven to show up. I think we are going to tackle the real storyline today, or at least I hope so. I'm not quite sure which dimension the interactive video will take, but I think we kind of know in which direction we are going to go since the promotional video, which by the way was a full success.
After we were able t0 handle some start up problems we were able to show it on a huge 8x8 meter screen, with huge speakers. the heartbeat in the end really came through nicely. But I noticed, that the last beat should have faded a little bit longer. the end was to abrupt, but oh well...I guess I'll know that for the next time then.
However Anton was pleased and I think the video improved the otherwise rather messy presentation of the group work we were supposed to do within two hours prior to the presentation.
The task was to think of a story which followed a 12-step program

here is a copy of our rough sketch (the story shouldn't represent our real interactive video):

12 steps

Urban Mayhem

1 ordinary world:

-urban environment, city, (Rotterdam).

-Hero: pretty normal life, normal cop (Jason Statham 45, ), wife kid, little boy called james, wife called mary-jane.

2 call to adventure:

Jason arrested a drug dealer who later-on escaped from jail and killed jason's kid in revenge. Jason got hoked on meth, out of grief, and stole some drugs from the evidence room in the police department. His wife left him. He got caught, and got dishonorable discharge (fired). Furious at the drug dealer who he blamed for his misfortune, he swore revenge.

3 refusal of the call:

-how can a drug addicted ex-cop bring a criminal to justice?

4 meeting the mentor:

-Ex wife MJ: get your fucking act together you worthless piece of shit. It's for our son. Stop taking drugs, douche-bag.

5 crossing the threshold:

- jumps over his own shadow, to contribute to a safer world for everybody. Stop taking drugs

6 test, allies, enemies:

-test: parcours, avoid police, running,

- allies: old police officer in his last years at the job. Insider information over earpiece etc.

7 approach to inmost cave:

-got address to “crack-house” , walked up the stairs, the dealer sees him coming, runs onto the roof, chase each other around town, gets info from his insider,

8 supreme ordeal:

-they come to an roof top, they can't go any further, the dealer backs towards the edge of the roof, they talk...you killed my son, my wife left me, I have nothing to loose... shoots him in the foot...talk some more, I lost my job, got addicted with the poison you sell...shoots him in the other foot...they talk...payback time biatch... kicks him in the head and makes him tip over the back of the roof and shoots at him as he is falling towards the street... where his guts will eventually splatter on the sidewalk.

9 reward:

-dignity, victory, revenge

10 road back:

- reflects on the journey which brought him to th epoint he is at...the lessons he learned, the blood he had to shed, the people he met along the journey

11 resurrection:

-gets back together wife...gets a job as an addiction consultant at the local community center

12 return with the elixer:

-the drug dealer was one of the most important supplier, and the whole drug scene in Rotterdam crumbles.

Sonntag, 12. September 2010

The promotion

I created a promotional video for our "Urban Mayhem" project. I had lots of fun experimenting with Imovie an here is the result.

Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

a new task

I'm very excited...

We got a new project in "we create identity", we were supposed to create an interactive video with a group we formed by ourselves.

The members of my group are

The theme our group chose is "urban (un)securtiy" we are already planing what to film, have a storyboard and a nice idea on how to make it interactive, but in a way that the audience isn't annoyed.
We are going to film by night to create a slightly gloomy and depressing atmosphere in which the viewers will be confronted with hard facts about the Urban surroundings they are finding themselves in every day.
I'm rather inspired by these pictures I took a couple of months ago, I think the represent the atmosphere we are trying to create:

I'm really looking forward to really getting started on this project. Finally something where we can really let our Imagination all the space it needs to create...

Sonntag, 5. September 2010

eventful weekend

sorry for not updating my blog over the last few days, but there were some events that were more important and took immediate priority.
A good friend of mine had to be taken to the hospital on thursday night because she cut her hand on a piece of glass...long story short, she lost a lot of blood, passed out, no ambulance came, we took her by car, she had to undergo a surgery and is on her best way to recovery again now.
but it all took up my mind for quite some time...

...well a new day began this morning with a very nutritious breakfast consisting of eggs, ham and toast.
Then I went into the sun behind my house, where I sat in the sun and sketched a little, turned out as a pretty cool piece of work in my eyes. Kind of hard to describe, but here it goes...I might upload it in the next days we'll see...
it started out as a simple playing around with perspectives... houses, a street, but then it evolved into a parallel universe kinda thing, where there are two realities and they are connected through buildings and ladders.
It's funny how the picture just took on a mind of it's own and evolved in a way I never had anticipated it.
I'm looking forward to university tomorrow, only "we create identity", the reason for this blog. I'm looking forward to it, and have no idea what I have to expect from it...
we will see

good night and good fight

Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

letters, internet and cold weather

no update yesterday...no time, no time
so what did I do yesterday? Oh, I recall! My first class of "Introduction to Computer Science" with Angelika Mader.
It was horrible, but this had nothing to do with the content of her lecture, the damn internet connection didn't work for me. But is seems as if the room has a "buggy" system anyway. Many people have had problems there in the past.
The task for the others was to create a profile on the WikiCreate page which has been created to lecture us about the content of all the "electronic" workshops in the CreaTe program.
So after class was over I went to the cafeteria and started to work on that, quite easy as most of us agreed. Mostly learning about naming files accordingly to make them easy to file etc. pretty basic stuff but not uninteresting I have to admit.

After I had a bite to eat with my roommates at my place, I took a look at the graphic design task I had. Improving the style of an Alphabet of our choice. Very fun, Printing it out, working on it with different pens, scanning it back in, improving the lines on photoshop and highlighting the changes. But more of that on friday, I've gotta keep the suspense as high as possible...just kiddin'

This morning I had another four hours of Computer Science and learned a lot about different types of networks and the internet.

Now I'm hanging around in the cafeteria, looking at the construction-site outside, reashure myself that it will look rather splendid when it's done, with the tent-style roof and the little artificial canal running alongside of the citadel...DAMN, that construction-worker needs to pull up is pants... my eyes hurt...I can't think of anything good to write about, NO INSPIRATION... I'll blame it on the weather, lets google something...I just googled construction site...Time to get of the internet if you ask me...I'll get on my bike, drive to the city, run some errands, go home and listen to some musik...
Maybe I'll get back to you a little later again

cheerio guys