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So I just added a Youtube Gadget, which will keep you updated on all the viral videos on Youtube...
The reason why I added it is, that I'm fascinated by the way many people have gained quite a respectable amount of fame due to Youtube, Myvideo etc. by behaving, stupid, funny, sad, irritated, stressed, idiotic, cool, fashionable or contrivers videos.

So here you can contribute to the internet sensation phenomena.

Urban Mayhem


Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

moved to my new room

hey people,
sorry for not writing on my blog recently, I was really busy with the Urban Mayhem project and I moved to my new room this weekend, it took quite some effort but I think the result is very nice and I'm looking forward to spend some time in my room. Sounds weird I know, but I was living in a garage for almost two months now and it feels really good to have a real bed to lay on and not just a mattress on the cold and damp floor.
Moreover I had two good friends from germany visit me here in my new home. It was extremely fun but we partied a little bit to hard, but afterwards it was really fun again.
Anyway now I'm sitting infront of my huge new window and am staring over the rooftops of enschede.
I like it here!
I think I'm done with things today. But you never know what comes next...
you stay classy San Francisco, and good night

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  1. The rooftops of Enschede...sounds good! You are an expert on rooftops, enjoyed a view like that at home, too! It is definitely a move up from staying in a garage...