The Youtube Gadget

So I just added a Youtube Gadget, which will keep you updated on all the viral videos on Youtube...
The reason why I added it is, that I'm fascinated by the way many people have gained quite a respectable amount of fame due to Youtube, Myvideo etc. by behaving, stupid, funny, sad, irritated, stressed, idiotic, cool, fashionable or contrivers videos.

So here you can contribute to the internet sensation phenomena.

Urban Mayhem


Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

a new teaser to the urban mayhem video

All right we just made a new teaser with the first footage we generated ourselves...

We used iMovie to make this short video and the purpose was to show all the other CreaTe students how our end result was supposed to look like, we created it in about 45 minutes and are estimating that the end-result will be in higher resolution and also more detailed. Plus of course there will be the interactive aspect of the video.
you choose what the protagonist does and you choose what he doesn't do.

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