The Youtube Gadget

So I just added a Youtube Gadget, which will keep you updated on all the viral videos on Youtube...
The reason why I added it is, that I'm fascinated by the way many people have gained quite a respectable amount of fame due to Youtube, Myvideo etc. by behaving, stupid, funny, sad, irritated, stressed, idiotic, cool, fashionable or contrivers videos.

So here you can contribute to the internet sensation phenomena.

Urban Mayhem


Montag, 30. August 2010

this is who I am

So this is me:
Nick Benjamin Byerly, I'm 19 years old, but will be turning 20 on the 26th of November. I was born in Cologne, lived there by the Rhein untill I was seven years old, then we moved to Bergisch Gladbach which is maybe 10 km from Cologne.
"We" is my brother "Mark" alias "bro" alias "broback brobama" alias "dude" etc., my mother "Mom", and my father "Dad".
So in Bergisch Gladbach I went to secondary school and finaly graduated from the "Integrierte Gesamtschule Paffrath" and received my abitur.

So where to go from there?
I found out about the creative technology program at the University of Twente in Enschede which combined many of my interests in one.
So I went to an open day there and was amazed by everything, so I decided to enrole.

A few months later I'm sitting in the cafeteria of the university and am blogging for my first class...

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